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Listed below are the current working items of the two assemblies of the association. These documents are for member-use only. Download is therefore restricted until final approval of this document. Please remember that any specification contained herein can be changed any time before final approval!

These documents are for member-use only. Download is therefore restricted.

Documents of the association's general meetings

Last change
GM-121Report Meeting 16/02/0916/01/12open
GM-120Report Meeting 13/12/1216/14/03approved
GM-119Report Meeting 12/12/1213/28/04approved
GM-118Report Meeting 11/24/1112/31/11approved
GM-117Report Meeting 07/01/1007/19/10approved
GM-116Report Meeting 12/10/0905/24/10approved
GM-115Report Meeting 12/04/0801/02/09approved
GM-114Report Meeting 11/30/0711/30/07approved
GM-113Report Meeting 10/18/0610/18/06approved
GM-112Report Meeting 06/11/0506/11/05approved
GM-111Report Meeting 05/26/0409/27/04approved
GM-110Report Meeting 06/11/0306/11/03approved
GM-109Report Meeting 02/14/0203/22/02approved
GM-108Report Meeting 05/09/0111/14/01approved
GM-107Report Meeting03/29/00approved
GM-106Report Meeting09/09/99approved
GM-105Presentation: T-ATM based on T-DSL10/01/99done
GM-104Presentation: Introduction to ATM/ADSL10/01/99done
GM-103Report Meeting02/26/99approved
GM-102Report Meeting 06/30/9808/13/98approved
GM-101Report Meeting 06/26/9707/23/97approved

Current Workitems

The documents in this section have NOT yet been incorporated into any CAPI edition
Last change
AK1-188Voice over IP (VoIP) Extensions10/30/06approved
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